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With over 20 years’ experience you can expect the FASTEST response times across the widest range of products for Cable Laying in Telecommunications, Energy, Major Infrastructure and Mining Industries

Known as Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturer of superior quality cable laying products, Cable Laying Products (CLP) has displayed great innovation and ability in its work. CLP´s approach CLP has been a proactive one. It has taken great care in listening to customers feedback and constantly aimed to manufacture products that meet their needs.

Thanks to its in-house production capabilities, the service offered to you at CLP is unique and unmatched. From the design phase to delivery, it is all taken care of right here in its Australia factory which allows CLP to offer fast, efficient service. CLP and its products are highly regarded and sought after by the cable laying industry.

From Australia, New Zealand and to the Pacific Islands, its clients´ needs are constantly met by its ability to design and continuously improve products. CLP´s culture is one that is willing to make the changes necessary and always make room for improvements.

Cable Installation Products

CLP´s range of cable laying products is extensive and you are guaranteed to find the very item you are after. From drum handling, cable guides, cable lubricant, underground cable equipment, wire cable grips, winches, feeders and trench & manhole equipment, CLP manufactures it all. If somehow you don´t find what you’re after, contact CLP to discuss the solution.

Fibre Optics

In the coming years Australia and New Zealand will experience a total transformation to their telecommunications infrastructure. Both countries will have broadband rolled out to home (FTTH) and industry (NBN Australia & UFB New Zealand).

Always ready for a challenge, CLP is able to provide the industry with the fibre optics equipment required to install the enormous quantity of fibre optic cable required by these projects for both underground and overhead installations.

Plumett Equipment | Fibre Optic Equipment

Whether the need is for overhead or underground installation using traditional methods of cable laying or the most recent technology of jetting or floating, CLP´s complete range of quality equipment will be just what you’re after.

In Australia and New Zealand, the industry leader CLP´s range includes jetting equipment to suit cable diameters from 1mm to 63mm, cable feeders, pole mounted winches and screw-on hauling eyes. It is the region’s exclusive agent for the entire Plumett range. Manufactured in Switzerland, Plumett is recognised worldwide for its innovation and quality. CLP’s range of Plumett equipment comes with outstanding after sales service as well as support and training across the whole of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

NBN in Australia and UFB in New Zealand are major infrastructure development initiatives in both countries. It will be delivered in two FTTH formats, underground and overhead and CLP has the solutions, tools and equipment to cater for all industry needs. If you would like to see its whole range of products for Optical Fibre then please click on the categories above.

CLP Lubricants

CLP lubricants are manufactured in its Australian plant and are comparable to the grades of Polywater Lubricants that transformed the cable lubricant industry in 1974. CLP lubricant is highly sought after and the preferred product in local markets.

The residue powder left behind by CLP lubricants is harmless and will remain indefinitely after evaporation. With the addition of water at a later date, the lubricant can be reconstituted to allow the cable to be easily removed.